Monday, December 12, 2016

Kansas City has some Hot Neapolitan Pizza Competition

Seems that the entire country is involved in the current gourmet fast casual pizza war taking place at a location near you. Fantastic how concepts such those mentioned in this Kansas  City Star article: are using revolving brick ovens for fast and consistent pizza.
Spin Neapolitan Pizza featuring a NY Brick Oven Co. revolving Brick Oven

The taste and flavor these hot spots are providing seem to be what the pizza eating public are demanding and this has gotten the interest of some of the big boys in the pizza world who are feverishly retooling and rethinking their concepts to provide a truly "better" pizza than the typical fast-food fare. Thus the rise in fast casual pizza concepts across the land bringing fresh ingredients made in front of the customer and baked in only a couple minutes.
Neapolitan Pizza From NY Brick Oven Co. 
Who would want a premade cardboard pizza when they have the choice to get a wood fired brick oven pie fresh from the oven? The Pizza War is the only war where we all win.

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