Friday, December 16, 2016

Get Ready Pizza Boys-Starbuck's is Coming!

Original Goodfella's S.I.N.Y Hyaln Blvd. with NY Yankee Pie

Starbucks has announced it's gunning for you and looking to dominate the pizza market as easily as they have dominated the coffee market.

It may seem easy to do when you have a billion dollar business with contacts all over the world and the ability to buy supplies low and corner the market on real estate. However it has always been my conviction that a great local mom and pop can always outdo a corporate giant by virtue of not having to follow a cookie cutter outline and corporate dictated policy and recipe. Pizza is a personal experience and open to the incredible interpretation of the many fantastic men and women in the pizza business. There will always be chain pizza places such as Pizza Hut, Poppa John's and Little Cesar's to serve a fast low cost pizza. Then there the more modern chains such as Blaze and Piology serving a fast casual fresh topping pizza from a brick oven, and then you have the top of line, world class gourmet local heroes such as Grimaldi's, Patsy's, Goodfella's ans Tototonno's in New York serving the best, freshest ingredients with traditional Italian gourmet sauces and dough's. There is room for all levels of pizza in the industry and my point is that everyone can have a piece of the pie. The other thing  to observe here is that the American Pizza Industry is huge and of such importance that another giant wants to throw his hat into the ring and see if they can conquer the pizza world.

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