Thursday, August 21, 2014

Fast Casual Pizza Injury Prevention Tips

Food service has many areas of safety from storage to cooking at correct temperatures. Most municipalities and schools cover the prevention of food contaminants and  bacteria control but even more basic to food prep is location safety.

An alert and aware staff that is trained on what to look for is your best bet. Minimally your managers should should know these basics.
1) Does everyone know to immediately handle spills by blocking the spill with a sign, chair or their body while they get help cleaning it up?

2) Does your staff know to NEVER pass hot beverages, dishes, pizza or especially soups over heads of customers?  This may seem like common sense but sadly it is not not. Make sure you tell them.

3)Are doors clearly marked for Public or authorized personnel only?

4) Are floor floor mats and carpets clean, secure and flat?

5) Are steps clearly lighted? Slip proof? Do they have proper railings? Do you have caution signs?

6)Is your sidewalk, entrance way and parking lot in good repair and well lit?

The above are just the bare bones but will go a far when implemented to prevent injuries.  You can add anything you observe to the list that will help prevent injury and then post it for all your staff to see.

Monday, August 11, 2014

New Trends in Pizza-The Gourmet Pizza Brew Pub Arrives

The Gourmet Pizza Brew Pub Arrives

Having recently visited the extremely well executed Radius Brew Pub in Emporia Kansas featuring wood fired brick oven pizza from a revolving  brick oven that is part of a wonderful open kitchen design, I realize a new player/category is emerging -The Gourmet Pizza Brew Pub. To begin, select craft beers such as Watermelon Wheat and Milk Stout are being brewed for customers in one of the nation’s first completely visible and walk around electric micro-breweries as the Chess Masters Blues tunes set rhythm to  the mood. A unique sampling of six delightful ales and  stouts arrives at the table in a signature hand-made split level server( which takes up less room while making for a wonderful display) is brought to the table with each of its individual glasses glistening with cold condensation to start. Details, details, details, a pleasant Midwestern staff and a completely unexpected menu are a welcome surprise to see in this small town on the prairie but when the Scotch eggs with homemade Dijon mustard and butter washed Pretzel bread featuring a homemade cream cheese and Cheddar spread arrived, I was sold. Then the Mako Shark with adobe spiced French potatoes was placed in front of me I had visions of my home town- New York, this was a piece of paradise or an oasis on the Great Plains (pinch me). As if all this was not enough for this kid from Brooklyn, the next dish was a broccoli pancetta pizza delight cooked in a revolving wood burning brick oven built by the New York Brick Oven Company.  I had to hold back the tears.  Radius brew pub has raised the proverbial bar on pizza and set a new standard for brew pubs while homing in on a new food trendsetting idea.   This long time restaurateur   feels Gourmet Pizza Brew Pubs will be of the importance and demand attention on par with the fast casual trend for quick eating. It is fantastic to see young entrepreneurs bringing their best game and hitting it out of the park. Marc Cosentino