Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Everybody Knows Cooking on a Stone Hearth is the Only way to Make Great Pizza

Yes that is so true that even conventional metal ovens have a "brick lining". Imagine if you could have a brick oven with a revolving stone hearth? Well you can. The guys at New York Brick Oven Company have several sizes available and recently set a world record at Pizza Expo in Las Vegas with Brad Kent,  the head chef from Blaze Pizza stepping up to the oven and putting out 201 pies in a blistering 52 minutes.
World Famous Goodfella's Pizza School of New York

Marc Cosentino of the New York Brick Oven Co.

Revolving Brick Oven at Blue Planet Grill-Ground Zero

Andy Scudera Lead instructor Pizza School NY
From the Goodfella's Pizza School of New York to the Oldest pizza place in Brooklyn-Totono's and all the new fast casual pizza places up and coming, anybody can tell you, "you can't beat a stone hearth for making pizza" .Just ask a pizza lover.
Totono's Pizza Coney Island New York

Saturday, May 10, 2014

Coney Island, Nathans, the Cyclone and the Original Brooklyn Brick Oven Pizza

Growing up in Brooklyn South had it's advantages. On a recent trip back to the old neighborhood for a great Italian meal with the family at the famous Gargiulo's on W15th between Surf and Mermaid my brother Scot had to "make the rounds" of the old haunts and reminisce about the places we used to visit back in the 60's, 70's, 80's and 90's.
From little kids riding the carousel and reaching for the gold ring and staring with disbelief at the oddities at the freak shows to preteens riding the Cyclone to taking dates to the World Famous Nathans and the then little known at the time Totonno's Brick Oven Pizza with Jerry and the crew making fantastic Neapolitan pizza and telling complaining customers with his famous Brooklyn attitude " eat the part that's not burnt or get out we're closed". Coney Island is still a great place to visit with it's board walk, beach and the renovated Totonno's with it's original brick oven and asbestos shingles outside from who knows when.
The famous oven.

Wednesday, May 7, 2014

For the Best Pizza, You Need the Best Oven

Whether  your a single proprietor of a mom and pop store with plans to expand and make a brick oven pizza, building a new location or a multi-unit  franchise owner looking to be faster and more consistent while offering a better product, the revolving brick ovens from the New York Brick Oven Company are something you can't afford to miss. Ease of operation, consistent cooking, steady temperatures, labor saving and higher/faster production are what they offer. Wood, gas, propane, or a combination wood and gas help make the perfect brick oven pizza from New York style to Neapolitan. They even encourage you to try the oven in actual working restaurant. These guys have been in the pizza business for years and have won many international titles so they have a pretty good idea of the needs your facing for various types of pizza and types of locations. They have built ovens across the country in brew pubs, fast casual chains and  neighborhood joints so they can help you too. Call 1-800-OVEN-053 Now.

Friday, May 2, 2014

Pizza-a Neighborhood Institution

On the way from the church to the reception, a young couple "had to stop for pie"at Goodfella's Pizza Staten Island.
Growing up in Brooklyn there was a pizza place in every neighborhood, and it seemed like every other block had one.  Our local pizza man's name was Frank. Frank was there all through my childhood and teens and I just took it for granted, like he was part of the scenery. Pizza has always been part of my life, from celebrating little occasions to first dates and quick slices. Any pizza is better than no pizza. When I run into Old timers and talk pizza I get a little nostalgic, especially when I try a place far from the old neighborhood and get a pleasant surprise of an authentic Brooklyn style pie. I had just such an experience the other night when I met Lou of Keyport Pizza and found out he learned his craft as an apprentice, and has been true to the recipe for over 30 years.
Big Lou-Keyport Pizza NJ
We talked of the good old days and "banging out" 500 pies in a night and how these young kids are in awe to this day when Lou takes over during a rush and spreads that dough at a mind boggling pace. As most place are doing now he asked me about Brick Ovens and what is involved in switching over to one to keep up with changing tastes. Although I have been in the brick oven game for decades and swear by them I still love that occasional Old School Slice of New York Style Pizza, Brooklyn Style to be specific.